Sunday, June 13, 2010

Honfest 2010

Two friends and I went to see Honfest in Baltimore yesterday. 
These gals look like best friends.  Great outfits, Hons!

Hon is short for Honey, what the waitresses call all the customers at the Cafe Hon, the restaurant with the giant pink flamingo above the restaurant.  

It's all in the attitude.
This is a fun celebration to recognize the uniqueness of Baltimore, past and present, for its colloquialisms of speech and sense of style.
Elvis after he went bald.
There were about a dozen contestants vying for the title of Baltimore's Favorite Hon 2010.  
Don't you just love the rollers and the pearls?

What a hoot!
And the flamingos socks with sandals, couldn't be better!

Although a beautiful day, the temperature was 90° and the humidity sapped your strength.
This is Missy, holding the mike, the 98-year old Hon!
 The crowd was happy and cheerful and very supportive of all those who participated.  There was even a 98-year old woman who climbed up on the stage and spoke.  The crowd adored her. 
Is that a flamingo in your hair, Hon?
That's some big hair, Hon!
"Ah was born in Bawl'more, Hon!"
Love the pink beehive!
This is Miss Butts, with her huge hiney!
Gotta love the hair rollers!
Nice tattoo, Hon!
The bubble gum is the icing on the cake!
All the Hons on stage.
The Blond Beehive Hon!

We finally left before we melted into the pavement, but it was well worth it.  We plan to go again next year.  

Buh-bye, Hon!

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