Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Sailing

Well, aren't I a slacker!  It's been a whole week since I wrote on my blog, and I'm feeling guilty.  I know - I have the stats to prove it - that this blog has very few readers, so it's mainly a way for me to journal and keep track of what's happening in my life.  Written for myself.  And if I can entertain a few people who happen by, so much the better, but by going a whole week without blogging, I'm just disappointing myself.

So why do I have a photo of our back yard in winter?  To think cool!  It's been so hot the past few days.  Yesterday it was in the 90's, and probably nearly the same today.  Again, it was a yard sailing day for 3 of us.  Carolyn went to a retirement party for one of her former faculty friends, so couldn't be with us.  We went to several individual ones, then also went to a church flea market, another at the agricultural center, and a third at the Mission flea market.  Also went to a sale at one of the high schools, and another in a parking lot.  Some really great finds, but I was miserable.  Although I took 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol, my arthritis in my knees was so bad I could barely walk.  I have a prescription to turn in for a generic form of Mobic, which is supposed to work pretty well.  Must get that filled tomorrow.  Anyway, it was a lot of walking, and I really struggled.  I didn't want to miss out, and plugged along.  Between the heat and the walking, I felt like I've aged about 20 years.

We finished up a lot later than we usually do.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch about 2:30.  They have a wonderful salad bar - perhaps the best I've ever seen.  This is the 4th time I think we've gone there specifically for the salad bar.  What a great lunch, and it feels so healthy.  Sharon and I decided to have a pitcher of white mango Sangria, and it was wonderful.  Very refreshing.  Unfortunately, Cathy is allergic to alcohol, so she can't join in, but she was the driver, so it all worked out.

I'm still giving Ball antibiotic pills twice a day for his tooth that was pulled.  Such a good boy.  He doesn't try to run away or fight, even though I have to shove the pill down his throat.  Ming Poo was so funny today.  There was a mirror resting against the coffee table and she saw her reflection in it.  She was fascinated and twice walked around to the back of the mirror to find the kitty she saw.  So cute.

I had to do some watering of the garden plants and patio plants.  I keep thinking we'll get some rain, but we haven't in a while and these temperatures are too high for the plants.  I hope they will perk up a little.

One thing I bought today at one of the flea markets was a pair of little girl's patent leather tap shoes - $1.00.  I have plans to use them to make 2 pin cushions.  I want to find some black and white toile fabric and also some old lace, perhaps some black tulle, maybe a rhinestone broach for a little bling.  I think they will be very cute.

Since I've been neglecting the house, tomorrow I'll get the laundry done and some cleaning and tidying.  I also want to work on my own projects and get some reading done.  Happy Sunday, all!

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