Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Bells and Mechanical Woes

Tiffany (our granddaughter) and Phoenix's wedding took place Sunday in Texas.  There were some photos posted on Facebook, and I downloaded a few into my photo library.  I've tried to upload them to this post, but they must not be in the right format for that - it failed.  The wedding was outdoors, and Jim called just before the ceremony - said it was hot but not humid, and it was a very nice setting for an outdoor wedding in a park.  I wish them both a very happy life together.  This is another photo of the couple that was taken a couple of months ago.

Jim will be coming home on Tuesday.  I will be glad to have him back home.  Why is it whenever a man leaves town, the household appliances and house in general rebels?  It must be another one of those corollaries to Murphy's Law.  So far I've had a printer that quit working and a GFCI breaker that has tripped twice.  Unfortunately it's connected to the garage refrigerator/freezer, so everything inside got warm.  The vacuum cleaner also stopped its suction, although I was able to figure that one out and it's back working again.  I'm almost leery of going off in the car for fear it will suddenly leave me stranded.  Hurry home, Jim!!

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