Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts of Lavender

Jim left this morning for Dallas.  He's gone to spend 5 days there for our granddaughter's wedding, and to spend time with Roxanne, Jim's daughter.  The wedding will be on Sunday, and Jim will be spending the following day golfing with Roxanne.  I'm so glad they are having this time together.  It will be the first time Jim's gone to visit Roxanne in Dallas, where she's been living for about 3 years now after being transferred there with her job.  She loves it there, and it will be interesting to hear Jim's view of the area once he returns.

I watched a DVD this evening - one I had brought home from the library and knew Jim wouldn't care to watch.  It was Keeping Mum with Maggie Smith.  Also featured Patrick Swayze and Rowan Atkinson.  I enjoyed it.  I love Maggie Smith, so knew it would be good.  The last movie I watched with Maggie Smith was also with Dame Judy Densch - Ladies in Lavender.  I absolutely loved the music in that film and downloaded the original soundtrack of Ladies in Lavender with Joshua Bell from iTunes.  It was a wonderful film, because of the leading ladies and the simple yet beautiful story.  They played two sisters who lived together on a cottage by the cliffs in England before World War II, when life was still normal and lovely.  After a ship was lost at sea, a nearly drowned young Polish man with a broken leg washed up on their shore, and the two women got a doctor and nursed him back to health.  Once he was better, he continued to live with them, learning English and helping them around the house.  He was an accomplished violinist and therefore the beautiful music in the film.  It's a lovely movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm an anglophile and really like those kinds of movies.

We visited a Lavender Farm a couple of years ago on Cape Cod, and I have some nice photos from that day.  I think they capture the essence of the little shop and the fields.

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