Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shape Up!

A good day today with girlfriends.  We did our favorite Saturday stuff - yard sailing followed by lunch, then Sharon and I went to our favorite consignment shop.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and we are having a cookout with family.  I've put together a rather ambitious menu with probably way too much food, considering that the kids really don't each much.  I started some of the stuff tonight to make things easier tomorrow.   I know it will be hot and humid, and I have to have the oven on for several hours.  That's not going to be good, but what can I do?  I can just imagine that by tomorrow, I will drop some of the items from the menu and say the heck with it.  Example, I had planned to buy ears of corn from the farmer who sets up a stand beside his truck a short distance from our house, but he wasn't there today.  Oh, well ...

I'm falling into a bad habit of watching television after dinner until we go to bed, then read for an hour or so.  The reading isn't bad, in fact I would like to do more of it - it's the wasted time with TV.  I have so many things I plan to make or do and none of it has even been started.  Not good, Diane.  I'm keeping the house neat and clean, and I'm ok with those chores, but all my creative plans are moldering in the dust.   Must change that behavior before I fritter my life away!

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