Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to Craft Room Arranging

It's quiet in the house, and I'm going to write this post and then it's off to bed with "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo".  I spent the evening in the craft room rearranging storage boxes into a new arrangement to make the most use of space.  Recently I've been getting these storage boxes at Michael's.  They were all on sale, and they are really pretty.  I also received some from a friend for my birthday.  Some are pretty large.  I have them all set up and will put some outside labels on them so that I can store like things together.  This may take some time, but I think it will end up being a good system in the end.  Of course, I'm watching TV while doing this task, so it takes twice as long as it should.

I've decided that some stuff is going back down to the basement in tubs - specifically a large box full of yarn for starters.  I have some large plastic tubs that are great for storage, and we have a good, dry basement that will work out just fine 'til I want the yarn again.  I realized there is no reason I need to keep all my books, yarn, fabric, painting supplies, polymer clay, paper crafts, beading supplies, stamping, etc. all in the craft room if I'm not working with it at the moment.  I tend to go through cycles, just like the seasons, and everything will be there and easy to get to when I next want it.  That way I wont feel so crowded and overwhelmed in the craft room.   I'm liking this idea more and more as I think of what I can take downstairs.

Ming Poo was being mischievous tonight and jumped up onto our dish cabinet.  Once she gets up there she starts looking around to see if she can get to the next level up, and the only other thing was the nearby ceiling light fixture.  I grabbed my camera and got a couple of pictures before I reached up and lowered her down.  What a little hellion she is!  The last photo is another time when she jumped up on the mantle.  She's so adorable I can't stand it.  Don't you love the tongue sticking out in the first one?

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