Thursday, April 29, 2010

Generous Donors

I'm a pooped puppy tonight.  I went to the library today (where I volunteer weekly for the book sale) and could hardly believe the huge number of crates and boxes that had been donated and needed to be processed.  Holy cow!  Seemed like hundreds of books, and remarkably, they had most all been brought in by one patron, and were nearly all brand new or in nearly new condition.  Both hard back and paper back books, mostly fiction, along with a couple of boxes of VHS tapes.  Amazing.  I think sometimes people can't pass up buying new books the way I can't pass up a yard sale.  I dove into them and before I left, it was all put away and processed, date stamped, categorized, and alphabetized out on the sale shelves.  Many of the new books were held back to replace the library's copies when they get ratty, and it will save a lot of money in purchases.

In addition to paperbacks and hard backs, people donate VHS tapes, video DVD's, music CD's, magazines, and audio books - often times still unopened.  Even current software CD's.  All in all, it's good for the community to be able to get inexpensive library materials in hard times, it's recycling and good for the planet, and it brings in extra money to the library.  Everybody wins!

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