Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Yard Sailing

Today was beautiful.  Warm, sunny, just the kind of day it should be on the last of April.  It's hard to believe that May will begin tomorrow and the year is speeding by.  Spent the day with my gal pals for yard sailing and lunch.  Today's treasures were quite a few - including a plastic storage drawer cabinet made for crafts.  The big price was $3.00, but I'll have to spend quite a bit of time cleaning it up.  It's full of spider webs and dirt - obviously it languished for a long time in someone's garage.  The dirt is all on the surface, however, and will easily come off.  I was hoping it would fit underneath my craft table, but realized that the table leg cross bars angle down underneath and won't allow the cabinet to fit.  That's not a problem - I'll probably put it next to the table instead.  It has wheels and moves easily.  The top has indentations to hold small pieces that would otherwise roll off.  It's good.

I found several other craft room storage things that will come in handy.  Plastic boxes with many compartments and secure lids.  Several bottles for altered bottle art pieces,  a lap tray with folding legs that can be used in a chair or in bed.  I can't remember what else I picked up - things are still in my car.  Better go unload and wash the storage cabinet.

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