Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tea in a Thunderstorm

This was a good day.  To start, today is my birthday, and I have been celebrating for several days now.  My gifts from my hubby were a Photoshop Elements 8 software program and a Canon photo printer.  Hooray!   I'm a little disappointed because I wasn't able to load the disc today - some glitch with either the program or my computer, but I will be able to resolve it tomorrow on the phone with the tech support person.  I've wanted to get involved with Photoshop for several years, but just haven't until now.  My friend Cathy is a professional with Photoshop - she teaches it at the local college and has been after me to learn for a long time.  It will be a lot of fun, I'm sure, and she is a terrific instructor.  I know a tiny bit about it already, but there is so much to learn...

There is a deluge happening as we speak.  And just as I started this blog, there was a loud crack and lightening strike out in front.  It may have hit one of the trees in our yard.  Too dark to be able to see right now.  I really hope not.  We have some wonderful large trees in front of our house.

I'm drinking some delicious tea right now.  It's called Buccaneer SerendipiTea, and I was able to order it from  It's a favorite of mine and Sharon. The Buccaneer blend contains Fair Trade certified organic black tea, chocolate, coconut, vanilla and rooibos.  The toasted coconut is wonderful and the vanilla and chocolate flavors are delicious.  I'm having some Bolero Lemon Wafer Sticks with the tea - perfect!

Here's my dear friend Sharon having a cup of our favorite:

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  1. Hi Diane, Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sure it will be fun to play around with Photoshop. It must have a lot of great features. How wonderful that you have a friend who can teach you.
    Have a lovely afternoon!