Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday - Sailing and the Peep Show

Well, this was a fantastic day.  Started bright and early with my yard sailing buddies, and scored very well. I still have the day's loot in my car.  I'll get it out when I post this blog.  Had a really fun day, the weather was very good - although pretty cool early on - and afterwards we stopped and had lunch at a local country style restaurant.  Nothing fancy, just good food.

When we left the restaurant we went to the Carroll Arts Center to see The 3rd Annual Peep Show.  It's an art exhibition where entries are made up of marshmallow Peeps, with tongue in cheek titles to them.  The winners in various categories are presented with funny trophies sporting Peeps.  I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so my friend sent me the photos she had taken with her iPhone.  A few of my favorites were The Lion Peeps Tonight,  Pepperoni Peepza, and Chick Magnet.  The photos I've included are really good.  The first is called The Peepidents, and you can see Abe Lincoln on the left, FDR in the wheel chair, Nixon with the V for victory signs on the right, and the brown one behind the desk - Obama!   I don't know the others, but I think it's wonderful.   The second one is called Peeping Tom, and the woman in the window is nude.  Enjoy!

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