Monday, April 12, 2010

Obsessing Over "Stuff"

I'm fortunate enough to have a whole room of my own for all my crafts, sewing, books in two bookcases, with a nice wall unit to house things and even a small closet.  There is a six foot work table, a glider chair and foot stool, and a TV.  A toy chest full of yarn, and a sewing machine set on a small table.  Perfect, right? It should be, but it's out of control.  If I had only one hobby, even two, it would be fine.  My problem, as it always is, is that I have too many arts and craft interests, including watercolor painting, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, and paper crafting.  I just spent the whole evening trying to put things away, organizing, condensing, sorting, and it's still not finished.   I may have to take drastic measures and actually eliminate cut back on some things.  We shall see.

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