Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Master's

Today was the final day of the Master's Golf Tournament, and I'm so delighted that Phil Mickelson won.  He's such a nice, genuine man.  A real family man, humble, and he so obviously loves his wife, Amy, who is battling breast cancer.  A really nice family.  Hubby is a golf fan, and Mickelson is perhaps his favorite player.  We used to live in San Diego, and the Mickelsons lived there as well.  Jim was there buying his Tundra pickup truck, and Phil Mickelson and his wife were also there.  Phil was buying a vehicle for his in-laws, and Jim exchanged a few words with him.  Ever since then, Jim feels a certain connection to Phil, and he always pulls for him when he plays.  Good job, Phil!

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