Saturday, April 24, 2010

If It's Saturday, There Must Be Yard Sales

True enough, there were plenty, and the biggest was a flea market at Baugher's lot, where there were probably 75 vendors.  My friends and I arrived early, and shopped 'til we dropped.  Everyone always has something different in mind to look for, which is a good thing.  That way we aren't coveting each other's finds.  I find it hard when faced with tons of miscellaneous stuff to remember different "quests" and things I'm interested in finding.  Today I was looking for old vintage paper stuff  (found a deck of hand painted old style playing cards - the kind without the numbers for 50 cents), and things I can use in assemblage art  (found 2 shadow boxes, 2 cigar tins for 50 cents each and 4 clay molded "buttons" for $1.00.)   Two unopened boxes of 18 Christmas cards for 25 cents each will come in handy next year.  Didn't have any left after this Christmas.  A whole bunch of brass butterflies I can cut up for assemblages, $l.00.  A hand painted gardening bucket, gift for a gardening friend, for $5.00.  Jim's favorite thing, an 8-quart enamel porcelain painted pot.  Brand new in the box, $8.00.  A couple of small old pictures in frames for 50 cents each, a torch-cut metal bird for $1.00, and a cast iron letter opener for 25 cents.  Perhaps the most practical find today was a Totes umbrella for $1.00 that I planned to keep in my car, but which came in handy when it started to rain.  Quite a haul!

This is the 25 cent cast iron letter opener.  Intricate, isn't it?  Has a lot of heft.

These are the clay buttons I bought.  Not sure how I will use them, but they are really delicate and pretty.

Here's the enameled pot I bought. My husband loves it.  I think I will probably put it on the top of the cabinets, but will decide that tomorrow.  Hubby wants to use it for cooking.

It took me a long while to get into yard sailing, but after several years, I'm hooked!

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