Friday, April 9, 2010

Disoriented Birds

The weekend is here, and it's another beautiful day.  I just love spring here in Maryland.  It's greening up all over, and makes me happy.

For some reason, this spring we have had quite a few birds fly into our family room windows, with fatal consequences.  I feel so bad when this happens, and it's happened about 6 times in the past few months.  It's not a picture window - there are 9 panes between each of the windows, and yet for some reason the birds whack into them and break their necks.  Yesterday it was a male cardinal.  So sad.  We have lots of birds in our back yard beyond the patio.  That's where the feeders are and lots of trees and plants and the waterfall, and there are always a lot of birds enjoying everything.  I wonder if there is a glare from the sun that disorients them.  Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do if they are going to aim at the house.  Poor little things.

Going to a friend's house today for crafting.  We've been working on making journals or small books, embellished with various things.  It's fun, and I'm very impressed with the talents of my friends.  Tomorrow we'll be yard sailing, our favorite weekly sport.  We've always got a quest in mind, and you'd be surprised at how well we do.  Very fun!

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  1. It's obvious you are just too good at cleaning windows! So good you are fooling Mother Nature! Ha, have a great day.