Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this August?

What an amazing day.  The temperature was just short of 90°, and it's still in the 80's at 8:00.  It seemed like a good day to use the grill, so I made burgers for dinner.  They were good, and we froze the rest of the meat for future use.

The husband of one of my close friends is in the hospital following surgery to have a part of his lung removed.  There was a cancerous mass in the upper lobe that had to be taken out.  It turned out to be a bigger problem than they thought it would be.  The other lung collapsed, but that was taken care of.  The surgery took 6 hours and my friend heard nothing until it was over.  He came through surgery and was given a private room, but since then he's back in ICU and on a ventilator again.  It's hard to get information, and we all feel out of the loop.  I am really concerned about them and hope and pray all goes well.  Such a sweet couple.  

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