Thursday, April 8, 2010

In My Dreams

Another disturbing dream ... a red rock barren mountainside, Colorado? ... lit up by the sun shining full on its face... a huge explosion, a giant fire ball, followed by animals running down the steep incline.  Deer, sheep.  A wild horse with glowing red hoofs, flaming hot.  He came to me for help.  I pointed him toward the lake, and he ran in to cool his burning feet.  When he came out, he came up to me in thanks, head bowed, then ran off... A pair of Asian children dropped off to be looked after by the firemen.  I floated on my back in the water with the boy, who wanted to hear a story.  I told him one.  People eating a strange, colorful meal with chopsticks.

What does it all mean?  Beautiful, evocative, yet fierce and confusing.  Am I going mad?

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  1. Thanks for stopping in - I'll have to see where Finksburg is! It seems we like a lot of the same things... have you been to Shupp's Grove? Jennifer